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What to expect if you visit us

We know that visiting somewhere for the first time can be a daunting prospect, so we wanted to try and put your mind at rest and encourage you to come and join us for the first time.

Once you walk through the main doors you will enter our lobby area, here there will be somebody to greet you.  This is normally Diane or Graham who can be found on our 'About us' page so you know who to look for.  You can expect a warm welcome and here you can ask any questions and they will show you into the church.

If you are nervous about coming for the first time, why not send us a message and we will get a member to email you back and they will gladly arrange to meet you at the door and sit with you. 

The service starts at exactly 10:30am each Sunday.  Most members arrive anywhere 10:00am and 10:25am, but if you are late that is not a problem - just come in and take a seat anywhere.  The service normally ends between 11:30am and noon.

We don't have any set format for the service, but we do always have a message and Worship lead by our worship group with a time for prayer.  Afterwards we have tea and biscuits while we have a chat and a time to get to know each other - but there is no obligation to stay.


Q: Where should I park my car?

A: You can park on our car park, there are no reserved spaces so please just park where there is room and walk through the gate to the front entrance.

Q: Where should I sit?

A: You can sit anywhere you like in the church.  Come to the front and get involved more or sit at the back and just observe - it's totally up to you.  People move around so don't worry about taking somebody else's seat.  The seats are individual chairs so if you come with your family feel free to move them around.

Q:  Do I need to bring anything with me?

A:  The simple answer is No,  you don't need to bring anything apart from yourself.  Some people may bring their Bible with them to read along with any passages but this certainty isn't expected.  

Q:  Will it cost me anything?

A:  No you don't need to pay anything to come along - we are just happy for you to be there!  We do have a collection box in the church that helps to pay for things like the maintenance of the building etc. but there is no expectation to donate anything to the church. 

Q:  Can I bring my children?

A:  Of course!  We love to see children in the church, please don't worry about them making noise or crying etc.  We were all that age once!  They can sit with you for the full service or if you like they can go into our creche or Sunday school - please see 'Our Ministries' page for further details.

Q:  Do I need to do anything or get involved during the service?

A:  You can do as much or as little as you like throughout the service.  You will see people sharing words, singing and even dancing!  You will also see people who don't get up from their seats - just do whatever feels right for you!

Q:  Is there disabled access?

A:  Yes, the church has full disabled access.  There are no steps within the church with wide doors for wheelchair access.  There is also an audio induction loop for anybody with hearing aids.

Q:  Can I ask for Prayer?

A:  You can always ask for Prayer, sometimes we have prayer throughout the worship at the front, or if you would feel more comfortable receiving private prayer you can go into a back room where we can pray for you.

Q:  I have questions about God or the Bible, can I ask them?

A:  We will always try our best to answer any questions that you may have, if you find one of our Leaders or Deacons they will try their best to help.

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