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Growing up my parents weren’t really interested in church but sent me and my sisters to Sunday school where I think my Christian life began- I attended St.Luke’s Church, Salford and thoroughly enjoyed it.  All my life I have thought that I was a Christian - I went to Sunday School, learned about the bible stories and knew about Jesus, his birth, ministry and crucifixion.  I was baptised and duly confirmed, but never realised that there was something missing.
I met and married my husband John Cope, also a Christian and from a Christian family. We brought up four children and encouraged them in the Christian faith took them to church and Sunday school - my husband was a youth leader in our church, set up a youth club and sports activities for the young people.  I was a Sunday school teacher which I really enjoyed. I thought we were living a good Christian life, in fact I never thought about it.
Some events happened that confirmed for me that I was a Christian.  One: the death of my husband at the age of 44! A devastating loss.  Our children were still quite young and I was continuing to bring them up although completely and utterly in shock and grief.  At one time whilst in my deepest moment of despair I asked God to help me and I received an answer to my prayer ‘Be still and know that I am God’ That message brought such relief and lightness to me that I knew it had to have come from God.  There have been numerous other such moments that convinced me that I had a relationship with God but I don’t have space to tell them all.
I had reached the great age of 75 by the time I came to Culcheth Christian Fellowship with my friend Isobelle, where after attending a few of their outreach meetings and listening to Joseph Elsdon, David Downes, Yan Hadley and a few others, I attended a meeting where Terry Fanning was the speaker and his message touched something in me and that was the night I asked Jesus to come into my heart and I believe I was saved on 15th August 2015. There is so, so much more to tell, but now I am really happy that I can  say that I am a true Christian.
I have asked myself many times, why me, why am I so important to God? What is it about me that makes God so determined to take me under his wing and accept me just as I am. The truth is simple, it is because he loves me.  He created me, I am his much loved child, he knows me faults and all and he still loves me.  He sent his only son down to earth to pay the ultimate price for my sins so that I can be saved - He is a truly loving father and I'm so happy to be in His loving care.

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