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This is my story.
I was brought up to attend the local Anglican Church and because I had been christened and confirmed, believed myself to be a Christian.

By the age of 24 I was a carefree young man. My life revolved around football and girls, and I had stopped going to church as God held no interest for me.

Then a tragic event happened in our family.  Mum had cancer and Dad, myself and my two brothers nursed her at home for three months until in the early hours of one morning, she passed away.  After witnessing her suffering I said with utmost certainty-- THERE IS NO GOD!
Soon after Mum's death, I was invited  by a work colleague to a lunch - time Christian meeting at work. It was there I met people who clearly knew God. They had something I did not and I heard for the first time the GOSPEL, ie
'That Jesus Christ had gone to  the cross to take away our sin (mine included!) and if I repented of my sin, God would forgive me and give me the free gift of eternal life!'  I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT!  Surely you had to be a good person and earn forgiveness.

After reading the Bible and continuing to attend the meetings, I realized that it was true for the Bible says that forgiveness of sin and eternal life is the free gift of God  to whoever will repent and believe in Jesus. So late one night I prayed a simple prayer and said "Jesus if you are real, come into my life and change me.  "AND HE DID! I knew my sins were forgiven. God was real, my life totally changed, church became a pleasure and a few years later God led me to leave work and become a Pastor.

So that's my story and my friend, if you are hoping to reach heaven by being good or religious, it is not possible for the Bible says 'not by works so no - one can boast' (Eph 2: 9)   Jesus alone is the answer.  Come to Him just as you are, admit your sin, ask God to forgive you and accept Jesus as your Savior For again the Bible says: Salvation is found in no - one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by  which we MUST be saved.  '(Acts 4:12)' For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.

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